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Please send your tax deductible  donations. You can donate via Paypal or send your check to our address. Please check out our new donor categories and their benefits. Please allow me to reiterate the categories of donations with their benefits.
The benefits are per year not per event
Starting in 2019 we have three levels of support:
Platinum donors at 1000/- will get 10 tickets priced at 10/-
each eligible for adult or student admission to any of the
concerts priced at 25/- or less.
Gold donors at 500/- will get 5 tickets at 10/- each
Silver donors at 250/- will get 2 tickets at 10/- each
You can pay this price for the tickets and leave your tax-deductible amount unaltered or have the money deducted from your tax-deductible amount For the higher priced events at bigger venues, all donors will get an option of 2 seats in the front 2 rows. All donations big and small are greatly appreciated. A lot from some and some from many…